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Re: [APD] Self-contained tanks

Tim  wrote, in part:
>Bioglobes ...air-tight glass globes with some algae and a few shrimp,
apparently in the proper balance >to keep on going so long as they get
Fallacy:  They can and do keep going through multiple generations of the
shrimp, but succeeding generations are smaller than the previous ones.
Eventually they die out.

Tin further asked:
>Does anybody have any numbers on what size container would be needed to
keep a good food supply >for a fish going? I assume it would need to be an
algae eater. I'm more interested in the self-feeding >aspect than
air-tightness, so that at least loosens the constraints.
Many have tried on a variety of scales, but so far as I know, none have
succeeded.  Closed systems are interesting, but difficult and fragile and
not at all open-ended.  Entropy gets you eventually.

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