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Re: [APD] Self-contained tanks

Thats exactly what we are on planet earth (we are destroying it inside out!) with the only source of heat and light: ol' Sol.

Seriously we should be able to miniaturize the sealed aquarium with all our science and knowledge. How can we simulate a complete environment in the small size? This is a challenge for the collective knowledge of this group..


>Most of you have probably seen Bioglobes before (http://www.beachworld.it/index.php?id=212). If not, they're air-tight glass globes with some algae and a few shrimp, apparently in the proper balance to keep on going so long as they get light.
>I've recently started some smaller aquatic container gardens (in empty 2.5L Listerine bottles, for example), and am wondering if I could branch into the inclusion of some fauna. I imagine I could maintain a good balance with some snails, if only because I won't care if they'd die, but it would be more interesting with some fish.
>Does anybody have any numbers on what size container would be needed to keep a good food supply for a fish going? I assume it would need to be an algae eater. I'm more interested in the self-feeding aspect than air-tightness, so that at least loosens the constraints.

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