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[APD] Self-contained tanks

Most of you have probably seen Bioglobes before (http://www.beachworld.it/index.php?id=212). If not, they're air-tight glass globes with some algae and a few shrimp, apparently in the proper balance to keep on going so long as they get light.

I've recently started some smaller aquatic container gardens (in empty 2.5L Listerine bottles, for example), and am wondering if I could branch into the inclusion of some fauna. I imagine I could maintain a good balance with some snails, if only because I won't care if they'd die, but it would be more interesting with some fish.

Does anybody have any numbers on what size container would be needed to keep a good food supply for a fish going? I assume it would need to be an algae eater. I'm more interested in the self-feeding aspect than air-tightness, so that at least loosens the constraints.

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