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Re: [APD] Getting shot of Nitrate Xperiment

Stuart Halliday wrote, in part:


FAN = Florida Aquatic Nurseries.  They are as close as we can get to Tropica
over here in the (former) colonies.  But not as close as we would like.

Stuart also wrote:

>...article. Can I use it on the The Aquarium Wiki Encyclopaedia?

Certainly, that would be helpful.  It might even clear a bit of the
confusion over what fishless should be, or was intended to be.

One warning on the note as it is: There is an error in the article as it is.
My computer does not show the extension of the URL for the closest match I
could find for Chris' original article and its follow-up note (the original
site no longer exists).  Raj was extremely helpful in catching the glitch,
and in providing the correct URL.  It should be:


I will send you a corrected copy.

Thanks again to Raj for his assistance, and to you for adding the note to
the Aquarium Wiki.


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