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[APD] Marineland / Tetra correction

I believe Stuart Halliday wrote this email section below:

> Safestart is Biospira. Tetra bought Marineland labs  lock, stock and 
> barrel last year/2 years. :-)
> Only difference with One & Only is that it is suppose to last longer at 
> room temperature. Something Biospira couldn't handle.
> I asked 'Dr. Tim' and he can't comment due to the legal contract due to 
> the buy out.

oops slight mistake about Tetra.

Spectrum brands bought Marineland labs. It already owned Tetra.

Marineland will no doubt disappear in due course.

Here is the reply I got from Dr. Tim - 21 Apr 2008

The parent company he refers to is Spectrum Brands.

Dear Mr. Halliday:

Thanks for your email.  I looked over your site - very nice.  However, there 
are a few things that need correcting if you want to be 100% accurate.

First, as you guessed I am no longer associated with Marineland.  The parent 
company of Marineland bought Tetra and merged the two companies.
They decided to shutdown the California Marineland facility, lay almost 
everyone off, including myself and my lab staff and move everything to other 
As such Tetra did not 're-license' BioSpira - the parent company owns 
BioSpira and the associated patents and they moved the Bio-Spira production 
to the Tetra facility in Melle Germany.

As you know Tetra launched SafeStart in Europe and the UK and this past 
Global Pet Show introduced SafeStart in the US.  I do not know when it will 
hit the shelfs but BioSpira is 'out' and SafeStart is 'in'.  Beyond that I 
can't comment as I have not been associated with the companies and products 
since Jan 2007.

As far as my One and Only is concerned - it is NOT basically the BioSpira 
The species are different and the way it is grown is different.
BioSpira is protected by patents that while in my name are owned by the 
parent company of Tetra.
Thus, while I am no longer under a non-compete I cannot violate my own patents.
As I said, the bacteria and the technical aspects behind my One and Only 
product are different and I believe better.
They do not need constant refrigeration and can last 6 months at room 

Thanks again for your email.  If you have other question I would be happy to 
answer them but I can't answer questions that would violate my 
non-disclosure with the parent of Marineland - I am sure you understand.

The above statement is what makes me think that Safestart isn't using 
dormant bacteria. Dr. Tim is suppose to have invented it IIRC.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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