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[APD] Suggested tank cycling experiment

Why should we have to buy the requisite bacteria.  Soil has millions of
varieties of bacteria.  Try this experiment:

> Take a teaspoon of topsoil from your back yard or somewhere where plants are
> growing (Not from some bag of sterilized ?topsoil¹ from a garden center) and
> put it in a custard dish or finger bowl and cover with about 2 inches of
> water.  Add two or three pieces of dried dog or cat food or one piece of dried
> liver, about the size of a penny.  Wait three days and pour the liquid part of
> the contents into the tank to be cycled.  You don¹t have to get the soil in
> there.  Give the tank a day and then test for ammonia.  If there is some, see
> how long it takes for it to go away.  If there is none, add ammonia to reach
> 2ppm and see how long it takes that to be oxidized to nitrate.  Compare with a
> control situation where no bacteria have been added.
I would do it except that I don¹t have any tanks free now and I also don¹t
have the time to do it.  
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