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Re: [APD] Hiccup

Stuart Halliday wrote, in part:

>I've now got a tank with zero ammonia, 0.5-1ppm of nitrite and 10ppm of

The pH/KH are?  Below pH ~6.5, the nitrification bugs' growth slows down.
Below ~pH 6.0 they may arrest, but not die.

Temperature plays a role as well.

He further wrote:

>I'll wait until the nitrite goes to zero and then start this tank again.
But this time I'll add pure calcium >carbonate and sodium bicarbonate to get
the GH and KH up.

If the KH/pH is too low, it may not go anywhere.  I don't think that
Ca++/Mg++ are involved in these processes.

Be sure to shake the test kit reagent bottles very, very well.
Nitrite/nitrate kits are notorious for settling out and under-reporting.


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