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Re: [APD] Getting shot of Nitrate Xperiment

Paul Krombholz asked about Stuart Halliday's experiments, and Stuart replied
(in a new thread labeled "Hiccup") with some very interesting data.

I have seen what appeared to be inhibition of bacterial division reported
with TAN titers of 5-8ppm and above, but this is the first I have seen from
such low titers as the 1-2ppm TAN Stuart tried.

The earliest work Chris Cow (a.k.a. "Nomad") did on "fishless" cycling used
initial titers of ~3ppm TAN, reduced by ~50% once the ammonia-oxidizers were
established.  The bacterial inoculation used was not the then-available
commercial products (which were ineffective), but the rock wool from
commercially grown potted aquarium plants.  My beta tests were done with
plant potting material from Florida Aquatic Nurseries.  It appears that such
pots do develop nitrification bacteria in the circulating hydroponic baths
used for the pots at the nurseries.  I had no problems with the inocula, and
no sign of any inhibition of either bacterial form involved using the
original protocol later popularized on the web.

I have not tried any of the currently available commercial products.  The
earlier production of one current product "Dr. Tom's One and Only",
previously marketed as BioSpira form another firm, did support a basically
normal fishless cycles under that earlier label.

I wonder if the "Startright" product, and perhaps even the current "Dr.
Tom's..." are more sensitive, or have reduced bacterial population
densities, or some other factor making them more sensitive to un-oxidized

Fascinating stuff Stuart.  Planning any more thought-provoking trials?


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