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Re: [APD] Animal Mutilation

Bill wrote:
> On the other hand, there is no disagreement that cutting out an animal's sex 
> organs reduces or eliminates the amount of sex hormones in that animal.  Are 
> you saying that sex hormones serve no purpose if the animal is not to 
> reproduce?

I am saying that the harm is outweighed by the prevention of killings to 
follow were the procedure not to take place. It's not an ideal solution, 
but rarely is anything. I don't believe that removing tails or ears has 
a benefit that outweighs the potential harm. I agree that it's nearly 
impossible to know what another animal is experiencing. I just want to 
err on the safe side and assume that what hurts us hurts them. If I'm 
wrong, no harm done. If I choose to assume that other animals cannot 
feel pain to the degree that we do, and that turns out to be incorrect, 
that could be a tragedy. It's a modified version of Pascal's Wager if 
you will.

I'm not sure I'd go as far as banning the practice, but I'm on the fence.

Jerry Baker
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