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Re: [APD] Animal Mutilation

Jerry replied, in part,

>>That's like assuming that a human amputee who is able to laugh must have 
>>no issues with their missing limbs. Do you expect that if docking tails
and ears were distressing to the animal that they'd do nothing but sulk the 
rest of their life?>>

Don't you see any difference in functionality and importance between part of 
a tail and part of an ear, and a human arm?   Or are you joshing?

Jerry also replied, in part,

>>I'm still not sure why, when it comes to docking tail and ears, you are 
>>comfortable assuming that the dogs don't mind, but when someone points
out that it might be a negative experience for the dog you say that it's a 
fallacy to assume we know what a dog is thinking/feeling. Which is it?>>

Which is it?   <g>   OK, I try to be scientific about this kind of thing. 
>From all that I have read, docking tails and ears has not been demonstrated 
to cause any problems to dogs that have undergone that procedure, nor have I 
read anything that even suggests that it does.  My own, quite limited 
experience agrees with that.

On the other hand, there is no disagreement that cutting out an animal's sex 
organs reduces or eliminates the amount of sex hormones in that animal.  Are 
you saying that sex hormones serve no purpose if the animal is not to 


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