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Re: [APD] Bow Wow

Bill wrote:
> As Robert said, the removal of part of a dog's tail
> does it no harm and has no lasting inpact on it.
> I can still picture the stump of a tail on my Dobberman wagging when she was 
> happy.  I'm sure she didn't realize that she was missing something.

That's like assuming that a human amputee who is able to laugh must have 
no issues with their missing limbs. Do you expect that if docking tails 
and ears were distressing to the animal that they'd do nothing but sulk 
the rest of their life?

> Cutting out the sex organs of an animal does change the animal, though, by 
> eliminating the production of sex hormones.  After that mutiliation, the dog 
> is no longer what nature intended and its DNA intended it to be.

I'm still not sure why, when it comes to docking tails and ears, you are 
comfortable assuming that the dogs don't mind, but when someone points 
out that it might be a negative experience for the dog you say that it's 
a fallacy to assume we know what a dog is thinking/feeling. Which is it?

I believe DNA also dictates the length or ears and tails.

Jerry Baker
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