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[APD] All-Glass 10, 000K Super Daylight PC Lamp 55 Watt 21" Straight Pin

Anyone know where I can find a 21" 10,000K Straight PIN CF bulb(s) *in
Canada*? The bulb in the subject line is listed for $16.99 in the US, and
same bulb by the same company (Big Als Online) in Canada is $35.99.  Is
there some distributor in Canada pushing up the CF market in Canada? Every
time I look at the in-store retail price for these bulbs I feel like someone
is hurting me. They are usually marked up even higher into the $45-$60

I'd rather not deal with customs but I'm starting to think it may be worth
it. Anyone willing to bundle up a bunch and gift them across the line for
me? *g*

- Chris.
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