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Re: [APD] Cycling

Merry Christmas to all at APD, I hope you are having a great day.

After reading RTR's post.. test the theories.

>I may have mentioned Diana Walstad, but did I mention her theory?
>I can't say I remember mentioning it. :-)

Well, I mentioned that and mentioned my observation that when I unclog
my external filter, the pH rises. This may be due to decrease in CO2 from
the bacteria, more ammonia or even something else.

CO2 seems logical as Stuart said. Then filter bacteria should be beneficial
to the plants. How would one test this theory and eliminating other 

>> It did not take rocket science or any advanced
>> math to notice that the best 'spares" came from fish-only (FO) tanks.
>> Spares from heavily planted tanks proved to be well-inoculated, but in no
>> way "mature" in handling even half the bioload of the donor tank on which it
>> had been operating.
>Isn't that obvious? The plants will be sharing ammonia with the bacteria in 
>the filter. So there will be less bacteria in the filter.
>I've noticed this myself when I have planted tanks with internal filters.

Raj, vu2zap
Bengaluru, South India.

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