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[APD] OT: Re: huh?

I believe John Haydt wrote this email section below:
> Did I somehow tune into the wrong list?  Funny that this digest in
> particular went into the SPAM folder.
> If you want to argue about dogs, neuter/spaying, animal mutilation,
> sheep-dipping, etc. whatever, you mind doing so off-list?  I realize this
> is difficult on some egos but this is the Aquatic Plants Digest, no?

I don't mind the odd off topic conversion as it usually resulted from an on 
topic subject and keeps the mailing list healthy.

But people should do the netiquette thing and mark their subject title OT: 
or OFF TOPIC:. That way those that wish to can put a kill rule in our email. :-)

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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