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Re: [APD] Animal Mutiliation

Yes, it has merit, and largely because you can't compare "animals in the
wild" to strays roaming the streets.  In the wild, they hunt and are hunted,
they struggle for survival.  On our streets, free from predation, they are
fed by our easily browsed refuse heaps and well-meaning folks who feed them
and propagate the problem. Any comparison between these animals on the
streets and in the wild is entirely naive. My ex-wife is a perfect example
of the 'benefits' of civilization -- she likes cats but does not really want
the responsibility of a pet, so she has "outdoor cats", which to her means
that she sets a bowl of food outside of her door. Of course, she does not
spay or neuter her 'pets'.  The result is that she has generations of cats
living and dieing on her doorstep -- they have been run over, poisoned,
tortured, you name it.  My cats are two that I saved from one of her
batches.  They are happy and healthy (and neutered) while their brothers,
sisters, and parents were killed long ago.  One may make the argument that
such people need to stop engaging in such behavior but they will always be
out there -- if the cats which wandered onto her lot had been
spayed/neutered, the cycle would never have began.  There oughta be a law.

As long as we're veering so wildly off topic, the casual (in the USA anyway)
mutilation that sickens me is the declawing of cats.  Mutilation by any
definition of the term, it would be analogous in humans to someone removing
the fingertips up to the first knuckle (it's not merely a matter of removing
something like a fingernail). Many never recover psychologically.  I know
it's not legal in many (most?) European countries.  I wish it were the same

On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 10:46 AM, Bill <billpers at comcast_net> wrote:

> The argument about "hundreds of millions of unwanted puppies and kittens
> starving to death" has a nice ring to it, but it doesn't really have any
> merit.  An early death is also true of animals in the wild.
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