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Re: [APD] Cycling

Very interesting info.

That brings me to a point from Diana Walstad book where she mentions
that Bacteria and plants compete for the ammonium. The bacteria then 
deprives the plants. In a planted tank it may be best not having a filter?

When I clean out the first layers of my external filter of my planted tanks
the pH rises. I am not sure if its from more ammonium or less CO2.

Recently there was a case of a large Arrowana tank with an external filter
which suddenly crashed and started to give off ammonia to the extent that
the fish died, you could smell ammonia in the room. When the filter was 
opened there was strong ammonia smell. Another tank with an identical 
setup in the same house was fine. I am not sure what to make of it!

>Seemingly Dr. Tim Hovanec says if you allow nitrites to go too high it stops 
>the nitrospira bacteria from growing.
>I also did one test where I added 4ppm of ammonia and this stopped the 
>nitrites from developing! So I'd advise only adding 0.5ppm of ammonia at the 
>start and not any more. This then doesn't slow the cycle period.
>Then if we need to, near the end we can add more ammonia to get the volume 
>of bacteria up.
>Dr. Tim Hovanec said the same inhibition would happen with high ammonia 
>levels. Well this definitely proved it to me.

Raj, vu2zap
Bengaluru, South India.

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