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Re: [APD] Cycling

I believe Lief Brittan Youngs wrote this email section below:
> What's wrong with the old non-chemical cycling method? Wouldn't it save a
> lot of money if most of the cycling products don't do much good anyways?

The latest bacteria products do a lot of good. You've just got to be careful 
and read the bottle. If it says 'instantly add fish' it's ok.

> I do the one or two fish after having the tank set up for a few days at
> least, preferably with a few plants in it. Then only a couple fish at
> most per week, ussually per month, till I am at the stocking level I
> want. If I am wanting to be extra sure it it is cycled I will add as much
> gravel as I can from a tank that has been set up for a long time..

"What's wrong with that?"
Well some people think that subjecting any animal to harmful toxins is not 
good for it. Especially young fish who are extra sensitive to toxins. You 
may not get a fish with the best immune system, long life, etc. So why not 
give it the best start in life?

Even if you add gravel from a cycled tank you're still adding fish to a tank 
that is non-cycled and it can't possibly have enough nitrifying bacteria in 
it to remove ammonia.

I add Prime or Amquel+ for the first 3 days (or when adding new fish). That 
way all ammonia and nitrite is rendered non-toxic during the initial 3 day 
cycling using SafeStart.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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