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Re: [APD] License

Bill wrote:
> Cutting off part of a tail or shortening the ears of a dog, neither of which 
> harms the animal, is called "mutilation" and is illegal, but cutting off the 
> testicles and surgically removing the ovaries is responsible pet keeping?
> That kind of thinking makes me ill.

I disagree. Mutilating your pets in order to prevent, or lessen, the 
number of animals that are needlessly executed every year doesn't 
compare with chopping off body parts for your personal amusement. There 
aren't many situations in the world that present us with a black and 
white case of "good" and "bad." Most of the time we have to balance 
competing interests. In this case, I think most rational people are of 
the belief that the harm represented by mutilating pets by sterilizing 
them is far outweighed by reducing the number of unnecessary killings. 
Even if you don't believe that the one outweighs the other, you can't 
argue that the ultimate beneficiary are the future unwanted puppies and 
kittens that will likely have to be killed. The pets are not 
beneficiaries of chopping off body parts for the amusement of humans. 
There's always room to disagree though.
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