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Re: [APD] Stocking levels

"But despite Dr. Innes' many advances - such as the then-radical concept of 
water changes - we cannot ignore the fact that those ideas represent the 
beginnings of understanding of aquarium biology and kinetics, not anything 
approaching a culmination."

Yes, of course.  Much of his work was done in the 1930's.

He was more interested in fish that aquatic plants.   The understanding of 
the culture of aquatic plants has shown tremendous growth in the last 5 - 
10 - 15 years.

But his words on maintaining healthy fish in aquariums are as true today as 
they were when he wrote them.  IMO, very few advancements in that area have 
been made since then (although you can educate me if you so wish <g>).

Innes stated that fish need clean water, good food, and the proper 
temperature.  He said that overcrowding would lead to unhealthy conditions, 
stunting, and early deaths.   I can't think of any other factors that we've 
unearthed since then.  Now, foods are more nutritious, filters, if used, are 
better, heaters have thermostats, but these are details.

I think a person just starting out with tropical aquariums would be quite 
successful if he followed Innes's directins as written and used no other 


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