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[APD] Phages

I believe John F. Hess wrote this email section below:
> uh, NO.
> Natural Selection is the just about the most powerful force in the  
> world.  Phages and bacteria are constantly testing each each other and  
> the fittest live.  The phage you propose to be able to buy would work  
> initially, but eventually wouldn't and you'd need another specific  
> phage.  Plus, there are an almost infinite number of bacterial species  
> and phages are pretty species specific.

Except that unlike antibiotics, viruses and its target bacteria also both 
mutate? After all these viruses and bacteria have been competing with each 
other for millions of years.

So maybe you don't need another virus? It'll evolve to match its prey?

I wonder if the Russian phages discovered in the 1940s to kill infections 
have stopped being effective yet?

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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