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[APD] EcoBio Rocks

Has anyone in the USA seen the EcoBio Rocks?


They've been brought over from Japan. They're not over here in the UK yet.

Seems kind of similar to the Japanese stones being sold for including with 
freshwater red cherry shrimps. Except these EcoBio rocks have a huge surface 
area for bacteria to populate.

It's pieces of volcanic rock compressed together with some bacteria added.

People who do gardening may recognise volcanic rock. It's used throughout 
the world as a valuable fertiliser as in its burned state it easily breaks 
down into essential minerals for plants.

Hmm, I live near a volcano (Arthur Seat, it's been dead for millions of 
years). Maybe I'll start chipping off a few boulders to take home...?

The rocks also come with 'Bacillus subtilis natto' bacteria which is a 
common bacteria found in soil and in a food.
Seemingly the Japanese eat the stuff as fermented soybeans called Natto!

The company claims they've not changed the tank water for a year. Hmm.

After reading carefully I can see why.
They do have plants in the tank to remove nitrates.

Their FAQ section is a little irritating. After saying the great benefits 
they excuse themselves by to most questions by saying do a water change or 
wait 4 weeks (the time of a normal nitrifying cycle) to see the full benefits.

I like the fact they've told us the bacteria species. This bacteria breaks 
down fish poo so cuts down on the organic smell some tanks can have. Just 
like my Walstad tank then! :-)

My first impression is that it works in a similar method to the Walstad 
method.  For example it provides an additional high level of surface area 
for bacteria to grow on. So great for nitrifying bacteria, it releases 
minerals which will stabilise the water pH and which are good for plants and 
fish and the extra bacteria breaks down waste products.

(I wonder if this is the bacteria sold in various Waste Control bacteria 

It's not a replacement for a filter. It's a supplement. Expensive one at that...

You know, I wonder if Japanese food stores sell this bacteria?
Hmm anyone visited a Japanese food store?

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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