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Re: [APD] Stocking Levels

In his classic, "Exotic Aquarium Fish", William T. Innes proposed that the 
surface area of the aquarium be the determining factor.  That makes sense, 
since atmospheric oxygen enters the aquarium at that point.

Innes said that based on his observations, he "believed" that fish the size 
of grown guppies require about 3 square inches of surface area.  Swordtails 
and platies require about 8 square inches and medium barbs, about 20 inches. 
Large barbs and cichlids require 54 square inches.

Labyrinth fishes requred about half the surface area of other fish of their 

A standard 20 gallon long tank has 360 square inches of surface area.

He opined that aeration and growing plants would reduce the surface area 
requirements.   He also emphasized that his figures were the minimums 
required.  He thought that the fish would grow better and be healthier with 
double or triple the surface area.


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