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Re: [APD] roots of aquatic plants

Could this be a substrate fertility issue?  


 On Thu 12/11/08  2:57 PM , "Tom C" barteri at gmail_com sent:
> Hello,
> I have a 20 gallon aquarium with some water that has a very high pH (about
> 9- 10. Comes from tap water). I have been noticing none of plants
> developvery good roots. I have seen Cryptocorne wenditi have a large root
> systemunder the gravel in my 10 gallon tank (pH 7 at a different location).
> Butfor some reason it just doesn't grow roots in my 20 gallon. Also, I
> havewater lettuce floating at the surface in both tanks. In the 10 gallon
> itgrows very long shoots but in my 20 gallon there is almost none.
> Is the high pH inhibiting the development of a rooting system?
> Thanks.
> -Tom
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