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Re: [APD] pH control

I believe BRiaN Forsythe wrote this email section below:
> Which is all why I suggested one would want to add a bit of buffer to RO
> water.  Unless you're keeping blackwater species or the like, you generally
> want a few degrees of KH to protect the water from wild pH fluctuations due
> to organic acids, etc.  (Thus the term "buffer".)

I read that API pH down works by reducing KH. So what buffers water at a pH 
of say 5?

My tap water is a pH of 6.6-6.8 and has a KH of 1 (if that) with zero GH.

Sodium bicarbonate, which I use to buffer my water, does it by producing HO 
so it raises the pH. What buffers at a low pH?

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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