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[APD] Lighting Question

Hello All:

I'm about to set up a small tank for myself. Footprint is 8 inches by 18
inches - going on a bookshelf. I've decided to use an energy saver type
bulb as its simpler and cheaper to set up, and I'll be emigrating in a
year or so, so I don't see the point of going too complex. I'm planning
on using a daylight type, and I can get it in 15, 20, and 36 Watts.
Which size would you fine folk recommend, given that it is an energy
saver type? Hood will be reflective - matt white. Tank is fairly low
tech. I'm using a soil and vermiculite mix in pots, with no CO2
supplementation. Fish load will be relatively low, with no filtration.

Thanks and Regards


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