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Re: [APD] what fish eat snails

I believe Dean & Melissa Williams wrote this email section below:
> Ok what fish eat snails and/or there eggs , so I can get rid of a growing
> snail problem in my planted tank ?
> I have clown loaches.
> what others are there that can go into a planted tank ?

Ceylon Puffer fish will without doubt eat all your ramshorn snails and quite 
quickly. It takes a little longer for it to get into the MTS.


My 4 Clowns loaches seem to never touch snails.
Most loaches will prefer feeding from you than bother with snails.

So unless you can get your feeding much reduced your loaches will probably 
hardly touch them.

Get yourself a snail trap and use it once a night for a week.
See http://www.theaquariumwiki.com/Snail_catcher

I made an effective snail trap using 2 Sofa caster protectors and a 3" 
screw. Worked just as good.


Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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