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[APD] Hair thread/algae

I do not know if goldfish will eat those types of algae but I do know that goldfish do not belong in a heated tropical fish aquarium. Two ways that I have heard of getting rid of algae is one to darken the tank for three days (no light in at all and two Flourish Excell or hydrogen peroxide on the algae.Neither one of the latter will hurt the fish as long as you do not use too much. You will put the Excell or peroxide directly on the algae. Another way is to have plenty of true healthy aquatic plants growing in the tank. 

Gold fish are known to eat vast / large quintiles of vegetable mater
(Plants) so now the 
Question: Will / do gold fish eat hair / threat algae?

Thank you for any information you are willing to share :-)

Ghemsath at gmail_com

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