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[APD] Plants for a narrow 10 gal

Hello all,

I had two pieces of 25"x14.5" glass (1/4" thick) from a terrarium project of
yesteryear collecting dust for a while. I ordered a bottom piece and side
pieces and tried my hand at siliconing them together into a 25"x6.5"x14.5"
tank.This tank will be next to our couch, affording a large viewing area,
but very little floor space taken up. I live in a 12 by 14 rom with a room
mate, so floor space is prime. The silicone job isn't perfect, but it held
water for three days, so I think it will be alright. I just siliconed a Zoo
med cork bark tile onto the back, which is only 3/4 of an inch thick, as a
natural looking background with a nice look of depth. I am trimming the,
untill now, frameless tank by siliconing on some oak moulding. I managed to
cut out a nice oak corner guard out of a chunk of pallet wood on the
tablesaw and mitered the mouldings for the top and bottom and I still have
all ten fingers.

My vision is to have a lot of vals in the tank, some threadfin rainbows, and
some pygmy or dwarf cories. The vals will be allowed to take over the tank,
and any other plants will need to be able to co-exisit amid the vals. Trying
to dig around in such a narrow space to weed vals out of a bunch of stem
plants doesn't sound fun to me. But perhaps a few anubias barteri 'nana'
around the base of the cork background, and maybe a few banana plants in a
clump putting out floating leaves would be nice. I also considered putting
in some red slate to terrace off a higher area in one third of the tank,
where I could plant some crypts, but I am sure the vals will get their
runners up there and I'll just be fighting a battle I don't have much desire
to take the effort to win.

Anyone have ideas of what I could put in the tank with the vals? I would be
alright with just the vals really, I think the fish swimming around amidst
the vals will look nice, and watching the vals swaying in the current will
be very peacefull. But perhaps some of you have some ideas.

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