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Re: [APD] uptake of nutrients, day vs night

Stuart Halliday wrote, in part:

>Does it matter?

>I run a yeast based system, I simply remove the tube from the bottle at
>night and put it back in when I get up. :-)

>I think the question Diana asked was, do plants take in nutrients during

>If respiration releases energy day and night then it must be used for
>something. I suggest it's used to build more plant and therefore must be
>taking in nutrients?

When I ran DIY fermentations, I spliced a plastic (not metal) T-valve in
line after the fermentor vessel.  If I wanted flow to the tank, the T-valve
was closed.  If I wanted to vent to air rather than send CO2 to the tank,
just open the valve.   Inexpensive metal airline valves are  not suitable
for DIY CO2 - they corrode quickly.

That does of course depressurize the system, but as DIY is or should be very
low-pressure systems, it does not matter.  The low pressure will regenerate
quickly when the bleed-off T is closed.

I have no data on plant uptake of nutrients other than CO2 outside active
photosynthesis periods.  But as metabolism is 24/7, I see no reason why
normal uptake process should not go on whenever there is need of various raw
materials/nutrients if they are available.  CO2 uptake is coupled to
photosynthesis, but I do not see why other plant somatic tissue building
should be so tightly linked, so do agree on that point.


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