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Re: [APD] uptake of nutrients, day vs night

I believe Chris Page wrote this email section below:
> what is your co2 at whats the ppm? I know that the photo period is opposite 
> what it is during the day so the plants take up oxygen and release CO2 at 
> night and day time the take up CO2 and release O2..
> Have you thought about turning of the co2 at night. I know you said its a 
> yeast based system so is it DIY or one of the commericial products if so 
> which one.

Does it matter?

I run a yeast based system, I simply remove the tube from the bottle at 
night and put it back in when I get up. :-)

I think the question Diana asked was, do plants take in nutrients during the 

If respiration releases energy day and night then it must be used for 
something. I suggest it's used to build more plant and therefore must be 
taking in nutrients?

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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