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[APD] uptake of nutrients, day vs night

Hello Folks:
I have been seening some of my plants pearling.  A good sign.  
What I want to know is what types of nutrients do the plants take up in darkness (night cycle) as opposed to the light (day cycle).  
I noticed that sometimes if I add a dose of nutrients at night the tanks will look crystal clear in the morning.  The plants look nicer as well.  Some plants will also become lighter or paler in color, taking on a bluish tinge in the leaves, and continue healthy growth despite this.  So I presumed that something goes on at night that does not occur in daylight.  I do know that the plants will begin uptake of oxygen at night, thus competing with my fish for air.  So I use a keralia nano to circulate the water at the surface to gently get more oxygen into the water at night and this works (the nano is on a timer).  If not I find fish gasping at the top in the morining, due to all the plant growth.  During the lighted period the plants take up CO2 and so my fish are fine, due the plants giving off oxygen into the water.
So now I would like to understand what nutrients I need to dose into the water column so I can dose the right chemical at the right time for optimal uptake.  The idea is not to be feeding algea at the expense of plants.  And that includes the slime.
Thanks, Diana

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