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[APD] slime,algea

Hello Folks:
I am still working on the slime issue.  I re-arranged my filters and UV sterilizer for my personal convenience.  But in the process I discovered that the outflow spray bar and hoses were lined with a thick black substance that came out in chunks and had a rubbery feeling to it.  It was black and very dark green.  It was about the thickness of a a soft cover book paper.
I have yeast reactors for CO2, and have been adding nitrates.  I went to the website suggested to me and am trying to follow that suggestion about the nitrates.  I got my nutrient nitrates from Dave Gomberg years ago.  I keep the water slightly acid and have reduced my photo period down to 8 hours until the tanks stablize.  The slime appears to be weakening and so I feel hopeful.
Thanks, Diana

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