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[APD] Slime wars, algea wars

Hello Folks:
Heres an update.
I have cleaned surfaces and plant leaves, made water changes and siphoned out debris.  I set up a filter on my 40 gal that gave more flow and better filtration (ehiem prifessional, the small one).  I reset my lighting to a 9 hour photo period (96 watt CP bulb) and I have CO2 from yeast reactors.  I started dosing the tank like Thomas Barr suggested years ago and it shows promise of keeping the plants growing while the slime starts to go away.  I use chemical powders I had purchased from Dave Gomberg.  His kit consists of:   KNO3, KHCO3,  K2SO4, and CaMg.  
I really need this tank to clear up and grow up.  It is a lovely layout that I would love to photograph for the next AGA show-and-tell.  
My next big job is the 90 gal tank.  I am dosing it with the same stuff as the 40 gal.  It seems to have slowed the slime down by quit a bit.  
Thanks, Diana

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