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[APD] 3 Things

Hi all-
First of all, in regard to my comment about clear water in a white bucket-for 
the newbies, there was a ferocious flame war about 7 or 8 years ago on the 
subject-if you search the archives you might find it.
Second I asked for advice a couple of months ago on green water. Finances 
prevented me from getting a UV clarifier as someone suggested, I do have a Diatom 
Filter that I haven't used in about 20 years that I was going to try to fire 
up again.
However, after about 6 months it cleared on its own. Amazingly all of my 
plants and fish survived, a month ago I couldn't tell because the water was so 
green. The tank is near an east window, and I wonder with the sun lower on the 
horizon if the tank is getting more sunlight and thus more UV light and if that 
did the trick? Anyway, I have no idea what brought it on or what cleared it up 
but I sure am glad it's gone.
Third, I have 3 Tetra Second Nature WDF 3000s in 3 of my tanks. Some years 
ago I was at That Fish Place and bought a case of replacement cartridges. I'm 
down to my last box and so I was going to order more, I couldn't find them 
anywhere at TFP, Big Al's, so I contacted Tetra. Seem they discontinued Second 
So, I need to replace these 3 filters, in 3 29 gallon tanks. Can anyone 
recommend a replacement? I'm looking for a couple of traits in a replacement.
1). Not too hard of a return flow so as not to be too hard on the plants.
2). I don't want something with a filter cartridge, both because they are 
expensive and because they usually have charcoal built in and I don't want to 
lose my trace elements. A slip on pad such as the Tetra Whisper Bio Pads is kinda 
what I had in mind (They're relatively cheap).
3). Something with a biological function, preferably with a sponge rather 
than an expensive medium.
Anyway-any suggestions would not only be appreciated, they might also help 
revive the list! :-)

Gerry Skau
Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant, filled with odd waiters who 
bring you things you never asked for and don't always like.--- Lemony Snicket
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