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[APD] Flow

I just recently picked up an Ehiem 2028 professional and running on my 
65Gal along with my original 2215.
The flow on the 2215 doesn't seem like much compared to the 2028. I'm 
really thinking of continuing to run both these filters rather than 
replace the 2215 once the 2028 is established. Maybe I'm just seeing all 
this flow and getting greedy ;-)

I like the new intake/outtake kits Ehiem has. However, before buying a 
new set for the 2215 - I'm thinking I can maybe just get a couple 'T' 
taps and tap the 2215 into the 2028 tubing. While I know the 16/22mm 
tubing is rated for the one filter. I have to wonder if it could 
accommodate the extra flow...    Regardless I'm thinking I won't be able 
to find 'T' taps that are built to go from one size to another.


- Chris.
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