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I had a BGA outbreak a while back that I dealt with very succesfully.
I followed the instructions of Tom Barr, who used to post here quite
often. He gave the prescription many times and you can find many of
his posts on the matter by searching the APD archives for "Barr",
"blackout", and "BGA" or "cyanobacteria".  Here's a link to one of
those posts:


Essentially, you first do a large (50%) water change and get rid of
any easily eliminated BGA; then you do a COMPLETE blackout of the tank
for three days, turning off any CO2 during this time. A complete
blackout means just that: you must ensure that NO light gets into the
tank at all for that time period - that's more than just turning off
the lights! I wrapped my tank in two thick black garbage bags and
covered it all with a blanket. Absolutely no light. After three days,
do another water change and add nitrate (KNO3) and you should be done.
See Mr. Barr's post for the specifics, though.

If your fish have been well fed and are doing well, they can go three
days without food. No light at all means no light at all!

YMMV of course, but this procedure worked for me absolutely perfectly,
as was usually the case with Mr. Barr's advice.

I suspect the black slime Diana was combatting is likely some form of
BGA, and so would recommend the above procedure to her as well.

Its too bad that Tom doesn't post here anymore.. :-/

Hope that's of help,
T.  =8)

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 10:35 PM, Chris Page <cap1384 at roadrunner_com> wrote:
> I have recently set up my 55 gallon tank and planted it I have noticed that my A. Nana "petite", L. Repens, and L. Sessorflora have got GSA on all the leaves well everything but the new growth. any Ideas on how to get rid og it would be nive I have increased the phosphate already hasn't worked
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