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[APD] Pelvicachromis pulcher social behaviour

        Having found you all on this list a decade ago from Eric's "the krib", I thought you might like to hear about some observations.

        I have quite a few Kribensis in my densely planted community tank. They have been breeding and protecting their young ones for a long many years now.
        This season an albino female (Mrs. Krib) had paired up with a colored male (Mr. Krib). They both produced a lot of colored and albino fry. I notice that one half of a heavily planted 4' tank completely vacant of other fish. Mr & Mrs. Krib defended it very well.

        I have seen in the past certain pairs do a great job of caring for the fry, taking turns in protecting the fry and even while feeding. Some pairs don't seem to get along from the 2nd week and either the female or the male get chased away and a single parent takes over the care for the fry. The female single parenting is most common.

        This morning I noticed that Mr. Krib was missing. Maybe hiding or jumped out or even caught by a crow or a kingfisher. In his place was a new male albino krib, sporting bright abdominal color was defending his new territory, wife and adopted fry. 

        I have observed breeding females adopt fry from other mothers. I have made use of this behavior to my advantage but this is the first time I have observed a female change partners and the new male looking after some one else's fry.

        Kribs are amazing fish!


Raj, vu2zap
Bengaluru, South India.

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