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[APD] Potassium chlorate - KClO3 advice

Can someone who knows more about chemistry give me some advice on this 
chemical pretty please?

I bought, more out of curiously than anything else, some 'Supa Oxygenating 
Tablets'. Which claims to be 98% Potassium Chlorate.

After looking up Wikipedia, it seems that this chemical dissolves in water 
to release oxygen. But surely it also releases Potassium and Chlorine into 
the water?

The tiny pills you dose 2 per 5 litres (1 gallon) are only about 1cm wide. 
You're suppose to use them in fish bowls or when transporting the fish in bags.

OK, the Potassium the fish won't mind. But Chlorine is not good surely?



Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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