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Re: [APD] T8 LED tubes drop in replacements

> Color temperature:WW:2800-4000K
> PW: 5000-7000K
> CW: Above8000K
> Operating Life:50K-80K Hrs
> Though not obviously designed for plant growing with that Kelvin...
OK. I'm confused. I've been growing plants for a bit over a year. Most 
of the hardy stuff. I've overcome one problem or the next. However when 
I finally settled on a new lighting setup that actually worked I ended 
up with a 4x60W 6700K Coralife flourescents.

Am I to understand that I was once again duped by misleading marketing 
and that I should have gone with 10000k or more bulbs?

NB. And when I say that the Coralife setup 'worked' I mean that my 
plants didn't wither and die within a week. I have anubias nana, java 
fern, cryptos and anacharis in a 75 gallon right now and though all of 
the other plants are actually growing the java fern has been slowly 
thinning for months now.

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