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Re: [APD] Damn snails

I believe Tim wrote this email section below:
> Why do so many people want to eliminate their snails, anyway? I've always
> liked the way they make my tank a more complete and diverse ecosystem.
> Plus, they provide the very nice service of removing dead plant and fish
> matter and any extra food very quickly. I've got MTS, pond, and ram's
> horns, and none of them have ever harmed my healthy plants.
> I understand keeping them in check with snail-eaters, but elimination
> seems excessive to me.

I agree, in an ideal world you'd want some MTS in a planted tank.

Personally I've got far too many MTS in my tank. So I'm just after reduce 
their number. They've bred to the point where they're a brown mass on the 
surface. My 4 Clown loaches and 3 dwarf chain loaches don't eat enough to 
keep the population in check.

I also know I'm probably over feeding my animals which hasn't helped. :-)

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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