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Re: [APD] Email Etiquette

I believe Harry Martin wrote this email section below:
> I know Stuart Halliday wrote:
>> Netiquette seems to be lost cause though ever since the Internet came out. :-)
>> Stuart,
>> It may also be that some folks never learned it to begin with.
>> I still have personal friends that are just learning how to generate 
>> email or reply to email.
In the old days of BBS you were often flamed for posting incorrectly so 
you learned manners. When the Internet initially came online all the 
ISPs would send you Netiquette advice. Then Outlook Express came out 
which broke so many rules!...

The problem today is that people simply don't get taught any better.

Text speak hasn't helped either. :-))

I wonder if the young are taught Netiquette at school?

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...

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