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[APD] Mail Order Plants/Lowcoaster

I would like to post Charley's (Lowcoaster) latest email with a copy of a 
recent plant list. I have purchased from him several times and have been 
happy with the quality and quantity of plants sent. The service is great. He 
replaced one order that got sent to the wrong address and came to me late 
and contained mush. The other times were perfect. Others in the NJ Aquatic 
Gardeners Club have purchased from him and also give him high ratings.

Email him to order and check availability. He lives in NYC and ships from 

Here is Charley's latest email:

>From : Charley <beadgc at nyc_rr.com>
Sent : Thursday, October 9, 2008 8:52 PM
To : "'Charley'" <beadgc at nyc_rr.com>
Subject : Plant Shipment

Hey All,

I am planning to get plants in Sunday 10/19. Please have all your requests 
in by Tuesday 10/14.

It has been difficult getting plants in---my transshipper has not been 
getting enough orders to make the minimum weight for transport---let's hope 
we can do it this time.

Charley (AKA Lowcoaster)

Latest list:

Scientific Name Common Name Price

Alternanthera reineckii var Rosaefolia AKA Red Temple 8/bu.
Anubias barteri Broad Leaf $10
Anubias barteri marbled 15
Anubias nana 5
Anubias petite 10
Aponogeton ulvaceus Really Nice!!! 15 1 left
Blyxa japonica 5 for $5
Cabomba furcata/juscata/piauhyensis Red Cabomba 7/bu.
Cryptocoryne "cordata" This is a wild Crypt--it may or may not be cordata--I 
never know until it shows up!!!! 7/50/grp.
Cryptocoryne balansae 7/grp.
Cryptocoryne lingua 7/grp. limited
Cryptocoryne lucens 7/grp.
Cryptocoryne parva 7/grp.
Cryptocoryne petchii 7/grp.
Cryptocoryne pygmaea 7/grp.
Cryptocoryne tonkinensis 7/grp.
Cryptocoryne wendtii Green Gecko 7.50/grp.
Cryptocoryne wendtii Mi Oya 7/grp.
Cryptocoryne wendtii Tropica 7/grp.
Cryptocoryne wendtii x hybrid Nice bright green 7/grp.
Cyperus helferi 7/grp.
Echinodorus Red Flame 8
Echinodorus sp. Apart 8
Echinodorus sp. Long Leaf 8
Echinodorus tenellus Broad Leaf 7/grp.
Echinodorus tenellus Microleaf 7/grp.
Eleocharis acicularis 7/grp.
Eleocharis parvula Dwarf Hairgrass 7/portion
Eriocaulon cinereum 3 for $12
Eriocaulon setaceum 7/bu.
Glossostigma elatinoides 7/grp.
HC 7/grp.
Java Fern Large Nice!!! 12
Java Fern Mother Plant Huge!!! 18
Java Fern Narrow Leaf 8/Group
Lead Weights 0.65/ft.
Limnophila aquatica 7/bu.
Ludwigia inclinata 8/bu.
Ludwigia sp. Cuba 7/bu.
Microsorium pteropus "Narrow Leaf" 8/Group
Nymphaea micrantha Really Nice!!! 3 for $10
Nymphaea rubra 3 for $10 tentative
Nymphoides sp. Possibly Taiwan 6
Pogostemon stellatus Broad Leaf 7/bu.
Polygonum sp. 7/bu.
Ranalisma rostrata 5 for $7
Rootala macrandra always outstanding 7/bu.
Rotala nanjenshan 8/bu.
Rotala rotundifolia green 7/bu.
Rotala sp. Vietnam 7/bu.
Tiger Lotus Red 12
Toger Lotus Green 12 1 left
Tonina fluviatilis 8/bu.
Vallisneria americana var. natans syn. Vallisneris minima (I think) 10 for 

Aquarium Plant Handbook put out by Oriental Aquarium 27.50

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