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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 62, Issue 6

I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that carbon was leaching phosphorus 
into the water column, especially since green water is usually caused by 
an ammonia/nitrite spike.  Carbon use definitely wasn't a good idea, but 
i'd be more worried about it sucking the phosphate OUT of my water! ;)

Check this out: 

Dan Barrett wrote:
> A buddy of mine just got over a a real bad green water problem . Seems he
> had used carbon in his filter after I warned him not to. (Carbon leaches
> phosphorus into the water causing alge blooms)
> (His nick name is "Bone head" in case your'e wondering!)
> Anyway, I suggested that he stop using carbon in his filter, cut back on his
> "lights on" schedule, keeping it to "8 hours on" at a time only. And do
> water changes daily, or every few days until it cleared up.  It took about
> 10 -.14 days to clear up.
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