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Re: [APD] Green Water

get a small uv clarifier ...just kill it.  You can fuss with the water
chemistry forever but this is a fast cure.

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> I'll try again if for no other reason than to liven things up.
> I have a tank with a terrible green water problem, I posted about a month
> and someone suggested a blackout. I turned off the lights and put a
> over it for 4 days-no help. I bought some Clear Water liquid-no help. I
> don't do anything different in this tank than in the other 3 in the room,
> below and 2 right next to it. It's a 29 gallon.
> Any suggestions? I can't see more than maybe half an inch into the tank.
> Gerry Skau
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> I for one would be glad to explain anything I have written and won't jump
> down anyone's throat if they don't understand. So please ask. I remember
> when this list came out multiple times per day and had many posts each
> There were some very good discussions. Just look in the archives. If you
> don't know how, just ask.
> Jerry Smith
> Bloomingdale, NJ
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