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Re: [APD] plant swap

>>Also, is it possible people are nervous to post things because they've 
others get slammed and it just doesn't seem to be worth the trouble?<<

No, its been steadily declining for several years, just like newsgroups 
which died much sooner. Forum WEB sites like www.aquaticplantcentral.com 
have grown at a huge rate with high traffic, and their for sale trade forums 
have gotten very busy, to the point where soon even aquabid will become 

Hey, if you are in the pacific northwest, we are having an aquatic plant 
swap meet October 18, 1 pm and the Round table pizza in West Linn, Oregon. 
We have people coming from all over Oregon and southern Washington and 
perhaps some brave souls from Seattle. Most of the hobbyists coming do not 
belong to any club and have never met each other before. This includes 
several rare plant collectors, lots of newbies,  aquarium maintenance 
people, staff and patrons of local stores such as  The wet spot, Liquid 
sunshine in Eugene and more. It looks like we may have a fairly large crowd. 
People are bringing all kinds of plants, supplies, driftwood and a C02 
regulator will be given away at 2 oclock. Even if you can not bring a plant 
to add to the pot, everybody will leave with something. Don't miss the fun!

Best regards

Robert Hudson

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