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[APD] Blue zoo university

BlueZoo University "the advancement in Aquatic knowledge"

A place where Aquarists and experts alike work to understand and address 
important issues in the aquatic hobby.

Collaborations across aquatic disciplines matched by true innovation and a 
spirit to succeed.

"In English" - Designated shows on informative subjects showcased by 
industry experts. BZU shows are live with listener and participation 
required. During the live shows, call in or email comments, questions and 
experiences. If you already know your question, email it now to be read 
during the appropriate BZU show and you can win great prizes.

Special guest hosts that hobbyists may not have a chance to hear speak 
across the country. BZU brings these "headmasters" to you in full 
interaction. Call in or email comments, questions and experiences.

It may not be Hogwarts....but its close.

Blue Zoo University shows:

Sept. 15th Setting up a successful Tank
w/David Lass
Sept. 22nd Setting up a Reef System
w/John Rodriguez
Sept 29th Planted Tanks
w/Robert Paul Hudson
Oct. 13th Livebearers
w/Ted Colletti
Oct 20th Fish Food
Oct. 27th Breeding Fish
w/Mike Hellweg
Future Shows with Rosario LaCorte, Hans Discus and many more........


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