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Re: [APD] request for plants for museum display

Timchiro at aol_com wrote:
> Our local museum is setting up an  exhibit to display invasive plant 
> that are raising havoc  in our local waters.

I don't mean this as a smart-ass question, but if  these species are 
creating havoc in your local waters why are they so hard  to find?

Jerry Baker

It is not that they are  hard to find. The project was delayed for  awhile. 
One reason is I am not up to wadding around in the cooler water we have  this 
time of year to locate these specimens. Call me fickle if you will.  
Additionally, we thought that if we could obtain aquarium acclimated stock, the  
specimens would fare better in our aquarium.Wild collected individuals sometimes  do 
not fare well in the tank environment. The powers that be at the museum have  
a problem with dead specimens in their display tanks. We are looking to make 
the  display brilliant and vibrant.

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