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[APD] What Happened?

Hello fellow aquatic gardeners, long time no post, though I still read religously.

Recently, I had a couple of 55W compact flourescent bulbs burn out.  Typically I run 2 5500K and 2 6700K CFLs over a 55 gallon CO2 injected tank.  I replaced them with two old bulbs of the same color ratings that I had held onto in case of emergency.

Well over the past couple of months my java moss, which I haven't seen a lick of in the tank in years, went crazy.  It is now providing a beautiful carpet in much of the tank.

No other variables changed, the lights have remained on the same timed cycles.  Anyone have an opinion as to why my Java Moss suddenly reappeared and took off?  I never considered 220 watts too much light for JM, I can grow most plants under that light.


John Haydt
Lansdale, PA
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