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[APD] Scared Fish

---How are they with the tank lights off?  Might try feeding them once the
lights power off.

They seem to come out a little more with the lights off. I have two clown
loaches that have always been shy and won't come out when the lights are on.
They actually seem to come out a little more now that the other fish are
taking their hiding spots in the back behind the plants and driftwood.

I bought 10 small blood-fin tetras today hoping that with new fish in the
tank that aren't scared of me this would coax the zebra danios and
rummy-nose tetras out of hiding. It actually seems to be working with the
rummies and they are blending in with the school in the middle of the tank
close to the bottom. The danios I still haven't seen lately. I guess with
larger numbers the fish feel a little more secure. I have total about 6
rummies still, I think.
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