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Re: [APD] scared fish

How are they with the tank lights off?  Might try feeding them once the
lights power off.


I've noticed fish behavior change after a big tank overhaul, especially with
my clown loaches.  Instead of my Pink Arm of Food bringing food (stick those
tubefix worms on the tank side), it's the Pink Arm of Destruction they get
while I redo the tank.


All the usual hiding places have changed etc.  Takes mine about a month to
settle in.  The clown loaches sometimes get back into their combat mode
declaring their new territory (or rank).


But I've also have a pair of permanently shy clown loaches.  They are always
in hiding until the tank light go off.  Never had that before with clown
loaches.  Got some more who aren't shy but they haven't gotten the shy ones
to come out.



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